Under the Pants


Hien Hoang_Under the pants_Frauherr_02
















The underwear has indeed an interesting relation to the person who wear it. It is the small garment which lies next to the skin, between the line of “visibility” and “invisibility”. Would it ever come into your mind to wonder what the other people is wearing under their outer clothes? Or which kind of person wears which kind of underwear?

„Under the pants“ is a journey to explore the various concept of the underwear as a piece of clothes, but also as a special and hidden sign of one‘s true personality. While I was traveling around the country to take pictures of people whom I barely knew before, I realised that there is indeed something beyond the underwear. It is not just about the color, the size or the material of the underwear, but moreover, the dream, the depression, the insecurity, the desire and many hidden characters which one person can hold to her- or himself. Getting to know the people and their more private, intimate side makes me think about how superficially we can make assumption about someone just by looking at their clothes or their name tag.

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