Picture of a female dance, lying on the ground with agarwood getting burn on her chest, as part of Hien Hoang's work "Scent from Heaven". Across the ocean - Installation with video - part of "Made in Rice", printed silk fabrics, acrylic glasses, rice, chains and diverse objects. Hien Hoang, 2022, Munich, Germany. "Asia Bistro - Made in Rice" by Hien Hoang, 2022. 3-channels Performance Videos, printed silks, acrylic glasses, photography, sound. Installation view at solo exhibition in Copenhagen Photo Festival 2022. Made in Rice installation at Futures Amsterdam, with LGs transparent OLED panels. 3-channels videos with 6 panels, Stereo. Melkweg Amsterdam, Futures exhibition, 2021. @ Hien Hoang Asia Bistro: Made in Rice, Soya & Slit eyes. Installation view of the solo exhibition of Hien Hoang at Vier.Ruhr Mülheim. Photography by Hien Hoang. @Hien Hoang 2022. Made in Rice. Installation view at Frappant Gallery. @Hien Hoang 2021.
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