Made in Rice

Asian food vs. body, clichés vs. identity complexes – everything comes into as one – “Made in Rice” – a performance screening and installation, first premiered in Planten un Blomen Hamburg.

As a Vietnamese artist who has lived in Germany for several years, Hien Hoang was deeply shocked when she was physically assaulted by a white and female person at Hamburg Central Station. Through this incident, she became convinced that the issue about stereotypes, Asian hatred and discrimination should be taken more seriously. With this multimedia project, she wants to explore these issues visually and performatively, especially in the context of consuming Asian food and at the same time their cultures. In “Made in Rice”, food is not presented for nutrition means, but as a metaphor for burdens and limitations. 

“Made in Rice” was premiered firstly as a landscape installation with screening in Planten un Blomen, Hamburg. Three large projection screens and a multi-channel sound system change the entire landscape of the teahouse and the garden. Through the movements and the experimental music, the artist aims to address the clichés about Asian people and identity complexes. 



20.07 – 21.07.2021
Japanese Tea House, Planten un Blomen, Hamburg


Performers: Soon-Hwoa Jeong, Kuoko, Moe Gotoda

Director of Photography and First Camera: Rike Malottke

Second Camera: Robert Thomann

Light: Peter Würzer

Sound recording & installation: Marcela Leon Espinoza

Music composer: Tam Thi Pham

Costume: Sanja Philipp, Cecile de Buc

Make up: Sanja Philipp

Editor and Postproduction: Oona Braaker

Sound design & Mastering: Max Gausepohl

Asisstants: Hani Wibowo, Ivan Lüt and Camilo Bueno

Special support: Jasmin Luu

Projection: Patric Pappenberg, Sören Koswig

Installation construction: Daniel Pietschmann

Script, Set design, Director & Producer: Hien Hoang

“Made in Rice” was supported and funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Media and Culture. In addition, the project was supported by Planten un Blomen Hamburg, Asia24 Supermarket, HFBK Filmstudio, Production labor HAW Hamburg, Photo studio HAW Hamburg, AVLAB, Video labor HAW, ZBM HAW, Visiontools GmbH & Eventtechnik-Nord GmbH.

Premiere Impression Video

Project Teaser

Trailer for the project

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