Exportable Authenticity


Asia Bistro_Spring roll_MG_9313







Asia Bistro – Exportabe Authenticity

Spring rolls or sushi, pho or pad Thai, rice or tofu. It does not matter from which land the food comes from, everything can be found in an Asia Bistro. The popularity of Asia Bistros reflects the fact that the cuisines and cultures from Asia are generalized and labelized in one category in Germany. The asian identities have been used to be put together in one pot.

“Asia Bistro” is an interdisciplinary project which contains various sub-projects with diverse approaches. The first part, “the origin of the exportable authenticity” is series of space-related and mixed media installations, mostly based on images being printed on large scaled silk. Food and body are merged together, so that the dimensional perception can be altered and a new form of visual and body language can be created.

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