Picture of a female dance, lying on the ground with agarwood getting burn on her chest, as part of Hien Hoang's work "Scent from Heaven".

New project: “Scent from Heaven”

Excited to announce that my current project “Scent from Heaven” got funded by the Kunstfonds Stiftung, and later by the art grant of the ministry for culture and media Hamburg (Förderung für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum). This is major since it will help me a lot to finance and working on this project, which is super close to my heart: it’s about Agarwood – a kind of wood from my home country Vietnam, which has been a subject of colonization, a symbol of royalty, a means for coming closer to the deity, yet a child born from the pain of the Aquilaria trees. Let’s come with me on this project to understand the pain of the trees, the vanity of our concept, and the infinity of the nature.

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