Exhibition “Nominees” at Kunsthaus Hamburg

Some impressions from my current exhibition “Nominees” at Kunsthaus Hamburg, curated by Anna Nowak.

The exhibition is hold for showcasing works of artists, who were nominated for the contemporary grant, funded by the ministry for culture and media Hamburg. It is my honour to be one of them.

I had a blast at the opening evening to meet my friends again and to get to know other artists as well. Few days ago Vera Fengler from Abendblatt wrote about my work, with beautiful words for the performing artists: my warm hugs and kisses to Kuoko, Moe Gotoda, and Soon-Hwoa Jeong – the three amazing artists who have been with me from the beginning, and of course, to all other artists and friends who have been with me with “Made in Rice”. A big thanks also goes to Patric Pappenberg for the projection mapping.

Asia Bistro – Made in Rice. Multimedia installation with 3-channels Performance Videos, photography, stereo sound, rice, metal chains and ceramic bowl. Kunsthaus Hamburg. 2021-22. @Hien Hoang

The exhibition runs until January 9, 2022, so stop by if you happen to be in Hamburg. There are other amazing artworks from other nominated artists and you can also grab a booklet for the exhibition, with the beautifully written text by Christiane Opitz.

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