Made in Rice – Premiere

Last week, “Made in Rice” was first premiered in Planten un Blomen, in Japanese tea house & garden. I am happy to share some impression from the two days show. Once again, thank to all the project members and all the people, who have supported me and who came to the show.

I am preparing a documentation video from the show with Julian. I will share the video soon, so that we can have a looking-back on the two wonderful screening nights, and also for the people, who couldn’t come to the show.

Photos by Julia Gaes

Together on “Made in Rice” project:
Performer artists: Kuoko, Moe Gotoda, Soon-Hwoa Jeong 
Costume: Sanja Philipp, Cécile de Buc
Camera: Rike Malottke and Robert Thomann
Sound recording & installation: Marcela Leon Espinoza 
Light: Peter Würzer
Cutter & Post production: Oona Braaker 
Composer: Tam Thi Pham
Sound designer: Max Gausepohl 
Photography: Julia Gaes
Documentation Camera: Julian Bock
Projection: Patric Pappenberg and Sören Koswig
Construction: Daniel Pietschmann
Asisstants: Hani Wibowo, Camilo Bueno, Ivan Lüt and Jorgo Georgiadis

Director & Producer: Hien Hoang 
With special support from Jasmin Luu 

Special thanks to Anja Friedenberg, Nathalie Mai, Prof. Vincent Kohlbecher, Prof. Almut Schneider, Prof. Linn Schröder, Prof. Henning Kles and Mr. Binh and Mr. Ngoc

The project is funded and supported by the Ministry for culture and Media Hamburg, Planten un Blomen Hamburg, HFBK Film Studio, Photo Studio, Videolab, AV Lab and PL HAW Hamburg Asia24, Visiontools GmbH, Eventtechnik-Nord Hamburg.

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