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Exhibition “Nominees” at Kunsthaus Hamburg

Asia Bistro – Made in Rice. Multimedia installation with 3-channels Performance Videos, photography, stereo sound, rice, metal chains and ceramic bowl. Kunsthaus Hamburg. 2021-22. @Hien Hoang 2021 – 22.

Selfsportrait von Hien Hoang. @Hien Hoang

HYBRIDS – Panel discussion about the future of photography and technology.

Hien Hoang will join the Panel Discussion about the future of photography and technology. The conference program is part of the exhibition HYBRIDS, curated by Marina Paulenka, organised by Futures photography Plattform. The event take place in Amsterdam and is powered by the creative Europe program of EU.

Upcoming exhibition: Hybrids in Amsterdam

I am happy to annouce my exhibition “HYBRIDS” in Amsterdam, opening this Friday 10.09.2021. The exhibition is curated by Marina Paulenka and organised by Futures Photography. For the exhibition, I have been working on a multimedia installation featuring my performance work and also the latest display technology. The physical exhibition will

Made in rice: Premiere Impression video

Impression video from the Premiere of “Made in Rice”, a performance installation and screening in city Park Planten un Blomen Hamburg. This project is created and led by Hien Hoang.

Made in Rice – Premiere

Performance made in rice by artist Hien Hoang was premiered in Planten un Blomen, Hamburg, as a landscape installation and screening

Made in Rice: Final Trailer – Premiere Date

Performance Video art & installation “Made in Rice” by the artist Hien Hoang. The art project will be premiered in Planten un blomen Hamburg, as an outdoor installation and screening.

Made in Rice: first teaser

Teaser for the upcoming art performance “Made in Rice” – a project by the artist Hien Hoang. The project is funded by the ministry for the culture and media Hamburg and will be presented soon in outdoor in the city.

Exportable authenticity

Art installation with silk fabrics and soya. Artwork was created by Hien Hoang.

Exportable authenticity

Art installation with silk fabrics and soya. Artwork was created by Hien Hoang.

Installation view: Happiness comes in four (continue)

Installation with silk fabrics. 2019. by Hien Hoang

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