AVCIC: a very commonly isolated connection


HienHoang_Connection_Stilllife (2)



HienHoang_Connection_Stilllife (3)

HienHoang_Connection_Stilllife (5)HienHoang_Connection_Stilllife (6)HienHoang_Connection_Screenshot (1)HienHoang_Connection_Screenshot (2)

HienHoang_Connection_Stilllife (4)




An eye coming from an egg. Cable in a faulty socket. Rubber gloves filled with air. The smart phone rings. An endless streaming.

In this work I want to explore the idea of connectedness in the present time, and especially during the isolation. How can we still reach the outside world despite remaining inside? Is it real and is it enough to be connected only virtually?

My work focuses on devices and objects that can mean “connection” to me: Cell phone and laptop, socket and router, chain and cable. For this purpose I combine them with other household objects in my apartment which are already symbolically charged. I defamiliarize them, bring them into dialogue with each other, or combine them with cut-out scenarios of myself, in order to place them in a new context.

I am interested in the questions of how symbols can be read in a new context and how I can create a new reading way in an everyday environment. I am also interested in the different kinds of displacements and connections, visible or invisible.

Furthermore, I also deal with the questions of how I can develop the concept of still life and how I can change the viewer’s reading through perspective and arrangement. In the course of this work, I would also like to deal with the positioning of the artist in his/her own work: between being the author, the protagonist and at the same time the recipient.

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