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Daily updates on asian fusion absurdity.

Hi! I am Hien, an artist from Vietnam, currently based in Germany. I am passionate about photography, art & installation. Here you can find my daily updates about my projects, or just what I am doing. Stay tuned and stay weird!

Made in rice: Premiere Impression video

Impression video from the Premiere of “Made in Rice”, a performance installation and screening in city Park Planten un Blomen Hamburg. This project is created and led by Hien Hoang.

Made in Rice – Premiere

Performance made in rice by artist Hien Hoang was premiered in Planten un Blomen, Hamburg, as a landscape installation and screening

Made in Rice: Final Trailer – Premiere Date

Performance Video art & installation “Made in Rice” by the artist Hien Hoang. The art project will be premiered in Planten un blomen Hamburg, as an outdoor installation and screening.

Made in Rice: first teaser

Teaser for the upcoming art performance “Made in Rice” – a project by the artist Hien Hoang. The project is funded by the ministry for the culture and media Hamburg and will be presented soon in outdoor in the city.


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