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Spring rolls or sushi, pho or pad Thai, rice or tofu. It does not matter from which land the food comes from, everything can be found in an Asia Bistro. The popularity of Asia Bistros shows not only how the Asian cuisine has been becoming more common in Germany and how the eating culture has been changed, and it but also reflects the fact that the cuisines and cultures from Asia are generalized and labelized in one category in Germany. Similar to that, the Asian identity have also been put together in one pot. While Asian food is characterized with “sweet sour”, “crispy” and “exotic”, so are people with Asian background, whom you can easily greet (or mock) with “Nihao” and they will surely smile nicely back at you.

In “Asia Bistro” the cliché about the Asian cultures will be re-created and spiced up with a bit of humour and surrealness. Tofu and skin, spring rolls and hair. The food and the body are in merge with each other. Both are ready to be served, to be consumed and to be taken away.


Asia Bistro_Spring roll_MG_9313







Asia Bistro_Spring roll_MG_9486


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